Self growth is not for the faint of heart. Choosing individual therapy means that you are ready to take back control of your life and heal the areas that hurt you. In individual therapy you are able to explore the issues in your present and learn their origins, create a plan of how to treat them and overcome challenges that you may have faced on your own for years. Your clinician will work with you and set appropriate goals for you and develop a treatment plan that is best suited for your needs. . We have a diverse, caring, compassionate team of clinicians ready to assist you. Our team of highly skilled practitioners will be there to provide support as you make the journey toward healing and wholeness. We specialize in treating anxiety, depression, trauma (PTSD), addictions, self esteem, among other issues.


Couples counseling is for couples in all stages of life – those who are dating, engaged, newly married, and even those who have been together for many years.

Great communication in a happy couple involves many things: A willingness to remain open to your partner’s perspective, empathic listening, a capacity to sometimes bear strong feelings without lashing out, and a desire to share in each others’ lives in a direct and engaged manner. All couples struggle with repetitive cycles of communication breakdown.

We seek to help you break those cycles and improve the quality of your bond. Our approach to couples therapy is active, compassionate, and involves intentional effort to make space for both partners to speak their minds and arrive at a better place in life. We recognize that couples therapy can also be a particularly vulnerable time for those couples who feel that the continuity of the relationship is in jeopardy itself at the time of initiating treatment. All of our therapists will work with you to work towards the best possible outcome for all parties affected under the circumstances.


Even the happiest families can hit speed bumps along the way. Sometimes tension can build in the home, or you feel less like a family unit. Whether there is a crisis or you just feel like things are changing, you may start to question what has happened to your happy family. The family system continues to shift and develop as new dynamics and expectations grow. As the world around you changes, it’s important for the family system to adjust and for communication patterns to shift.

Often, we are unaware of how our personal struggles affect our families, and how the struggles of our families affect us.

Family therapy can help repair and improve relationships where both internal and external stressors have led to fractures, conflict or distress.


EMDR ( Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing ) therapy is a specialized trauma therapy widely used by experts to treat PTSD and trauma symptoms. At Whole Life Solutions, our trained EMDR therapists, work with clients to overcome issues of abuse, assault and other traumatic experiences that have negatively impacted their lives. EMDR can assist in being able to move past the past and live a more engaged and fulfilling life. PTSD and other trauma disorders can have a dramatic impact on family life, our ability to be present and connected and our ability to self-regulate. When painful memories are stored in the brain in a traumatic form, they keep their power to disturb you, sometimes for decades or even a lifetime.

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